Data Scientist

Aditya Mhaske,


Financial Data Analysis using MongoDB and Pandas

The project involved querying financial data stored in a MongoDB database and exploratory data analysis.

S‚Äčkills: Pandas, MongoDB, EDA, Seaborn, Matplotlib

Depression Analysis Using Deep Learning

Demonstrated a real-time system that can successfully recognize depression by extracting features from Facial expressions, EEG signals, and Speech modules by analyzing human behavior

Skills - NLP, Feature Engineering, Signal Processing, Data Transformation

Stock Index and GDP Forecasting

I utilized MATLAB's Econometrics Toolbox to develop an ARIMA model for forecasting the GDP and Stock Indexes of 10 countries. 

Skills - Python, Matlab, ARIMA, Time Series

Business Location Recommendation System

Used data analysis, and visualization to understand extracted data from the Wikipedia page of Toronto City to find a suitable location to start a new business with the help of Folium Library and web scraping.

Ski‚Äčlls - Data Analysis, Recommendation System, Data Extraction

Object Detection and Localization

I worked on an Object Detection and Localization project where I implemented YOLOv3, a powerful object detection architecture trained on the COCO dataset.

Skills - TensorFlow, PyTorch, OpenCV, SciPy, PIL, CUDA

Medical Dashboard

Project aims to create a modern audit trail of doctors for overview of medical history, prescriptions, and laboratory reports. Utilizing technologies such as MySQL, JavaScript, and Java

Skills - MySQL, Database Management, JavaScript

Trouvaille Campground Website

I developed a website with a user-friendly interface and intuitive features for seamless booking and exploration of camping destinations.

Skills - MongoDB, Node.js, Express.js, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Contact Information

Indiana University, Bloomington
Master of Science in Data Science